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Achieving Your Vision with Innovation and Reliability

Crown Doors, LLC (Crown) is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Folding Door and Window System (Patent No. 8,714,229), as well as the Hydraulic 50/50 (Patent No. 9,567,789) and Single-Swing door/window systems. Through creative design and engineering excellence, we produce innovative architectural hydraulic doors and windows. With an emphasis on ease of installation and simplicity of use, our products redefine the way in which you interact with the spaces around you.

Ease of Installation

Crown has always placed focus on ease of installation. Door and window systems which utilize separately-mounted mechanical lifting systems can be time consuming and difficult to install, often resulting in poor operation and frequent maintenance requirements. Our standard products are supplied with their own pre-hung frame which is easily positioned in the rough opening and mechanically fastened or welded in place.

A History of Excellence

For more than twenty years, Crown has led the market with pioneering design and high-quality materials and manufacturing. We provide long-lasting, architectural hydraulically-operated door and window systems and extensive support which equates to reduced cost of ownership. Based in Plato, Minnesota, our products are shipped to customers throughout the United States and internationally. At Crown, we are continually striving to produce exceptional products using all the resources and technology available to us. We have found, though, that the best resource is the feedback of our customers. Please contact us for more information or for assistance with your design or specifications.