The patented, hydraulically-operated 50/50 Door and Window System combines the best features from our SST-II Bi-Fold and Single-Swing Systems. The 50/50 provides an incredibly clean opening, requires minimal space in the open position and requires no maintenance, making it perfectly suited for architectural, commercial and residential designs.


Why 50/50

Hydraulically-Operated: The use of hydraulic cylinders eliminates counter-weights, cables, locking mechanisms, pulleys, springs, etc., providing a clean panel face, free from obstruction.

Clean and Clear: The cylinders are positioned vertically and, along with the hoses, are hidden entirely within our jamb housings. The result is a wonderfully clear opening from one space to the next.

Maintenance-Free: The 50/50 System is maintenance-free. There are no hinges or rollers and all pivot points utilize maintenance-free bearings.

Safety: Through the use of a hydraulic system, we have eliminated all pinch points and moving parts typically associated with cable and counter-weight systems.

Remotely-Located Power Unit: The power unit may be located anywhere in the building, thereby providing customers with quieter operation and contributing to a cleaner look.

All Steel Construction: Narrower steel profiles allow for more glass volume and greater visibility.

The 50/50 Hydraulic System offers a cleaner, sharper, clear opening


  • Maintenance-free!
  • Shipped with rust-resistant, red-oxide primer, ready for field finishing
  • Manual lowering system in case of power failure
  • Built-in locking mechanism maintains system securely in closed position
  • Full perimeter weather seals
  • Integral mounting frame to limit loads on the structure
  • Precision welds at all frame joints
  • No floor track is required – Nothing to impair movement through the opening
  • When open the system forms a partial awning providing protection from the weather and sun
  • The use of hydraulics eliminates the need for limit switches


Download RAL Chart

Our steel-tube panels and integral mounting frame are shipped standard with red-oxide primer, ready for field finishing. For corrosive environments (sea-side or pool house installations), the panels and frame can be constructed from stainless steel. Both materials may be factory powder-coated in any standard RAL color. The adjacent color chart represents the full range of colors available in the RAL system and does not imply immediate availability.


Customers may select from either a standard up/down, 2-button or key control for system operation. For added safety, all controls are constant-contact. A weather-resistant control is also available for outside entry through exterior installations.

Photo Eye1

If safety is a concern, or if remote transmitters are required, infrared photo eyes are available for installation adjacent to the hydraulically operated door or window system. The photo eye system can be programed either to stop, or stop and reverse the motion of the door or window panel. As a final layer of safety, we offer a single-unit warning horn and strobe light which will indicate operation of the system.

Remote Transmitter
Remote Operation

Remote Transmitters offer ease of entry allowing for the user to open or close the hydraulic door or window system on approach. Transmitters – like the standard wall-mounted controls – are constant contact. For safety reasons, we require the inclusion of photo eyes with the use of remote transmitters.

Inside-Sash Glass Retainer System

For turn-key product, we offer an inside-sash retainer system as well as a variety of dual or single pane glazing options. All factory-supplied glass is laminated. Customers may also elect to clad their doors in field with a virtually unlimited number of coverings such as polycarbonate, steel or even wood. Contact us for weight limits.

24v DC Battery Back-Up System

In the event of a power-outage, the hydraulic door or window system may be manually lowered through use of the included release valve. If the system must be opened in the event of a power-outage, and if the building has no generator, we can provide a 24v DC battery back-up system.

50/50 Demonstration Video: