Featured Installation: Armature Works – Tampa, FL

Originally a storage and maintenance facility for Tampa Electric streetcars, Armature Works was recently transformed and retrofitted into a modern neighborhood hangout, drawing patrons from near and far. The facility will include entertainment, work space, shops, and a public market.

Surrounding the central, open-air courtyard of the public market are twelve of our 50/50 Hydraulic Doors. In the open position, they blend the two distinct spaces allowing free movement between the interior market and the exterior seating/eating area. From the courtyard, patrons may exit in any direction toward their favorite shop, restaurant, workshop or event. The full project gallery may be viewed here: https://www.crowndoors.com/50-50-gallery/1782-2/. As with our Single-Swing and Bi-Fold Systems, both standard CAD details and BIM families are available for your use.

For more information on this project, or if you’re interested in incorporating a Hydraulic 50/50 System into your upcoming design, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@crowndoors.com or via our website contact page: https://www.crowndoors.com/contact/.