Featured Installation: Children’s Place – Orem, UT

At University Place in Orem, UT, stands a newly developed outdoor community gathering space called The Orchard. Connected to, and accompanying The Orchard, is a beautiful new indoor/outdoor children’s play area known as Children’s Place.

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Connecting the indoor and outdoor children’s play areas are two of our most colorful, Hydraulic, Glass Bi-Fold Doors commissioned to date. The unusual design and layout of the intermediate mullions as well as the bright color scheme make this one of our more unique installations in recent memory.

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In addition to the unique design elements, the Glass Bi-Folding Doors are also quite large, allowing for two clear openings measuring roughly 22’ x 11’ high. The large capacity allowed wonderful integration of the indoor and outdoor areas, creating seamless movement from one to the other.

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For more information on this project, or if you’re interested in incorporating a Hydraulic Bi-Fold Door or Window into your upcoming design, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@crowndoors.com.




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